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LSAT Options

Do I need to take the LSAT?

Current circumstances have made it difficult to plan to take the LSAT. Consider applying without it and keep your law school plans on track while eliminating the cost, time and stress of the LSAT.

For decades, GUCL has observed law student performance and how it correlates with LSAT scores. While the LSAT is a good indicator of skills that support a greater likelihood of success in law school, it is not always conclusive.

Additionally, the LSAT is not required by the State of California for admission to law school, or to the practice of law, for most applicants.* LSAT requirements for admission to law school are fundamentally at each school’s discretion.

GUCL began to consider Applications for Admission from otherwise well-qualified applicants without an LSAT score about five years ago. We invite you to consider this option to help keep your law school plans on track.

Choosing to apply to GUCL without taking the LSAT means skills, abilities, and commitment must be demonstrated through other aspects of the application process.

An Application for Admission to GUCL without an LSAT score is expected to present with excellence in other areas.

GUCL maintains a thorough and selective application process. Applicants are encouraged to reflect on whether applying with or without an LSAT score is optimal based on the totality of their qualifications.

No LSAT Application for Admission

Application Checklist for No LSAT Applicants

Should I take the LSAT anyway?

Submitting a strong law school application matters, LSAT or no LSAT.

Applying with a sound LSAT score remains an excellent way to demonstrate skills, abilities, and commitment to the Admissions Committee.  Other strategic reasons to consider taking the LSAT include:

  • Opportunity for admission at multiple law schools
  • Potential to qualify for scholarships
  • Skill assessment that can help with law program selection
  • Demonstrate skills, abilities, and commitment to offset other shortcomings

If you decide to take the LSAT, preparation is critical. GUCL recommends visiting for access to free and/or inexpensive test prep material and guidance.

GUCL does not require that applicants subscribe to the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) offered by LSAC.  An LSAT score alone can be retrieved by GUCL once the score has been posted.

*Exceptions: If you have previously taken the LSAT you must disclose your score history. Prior law students and Special Students must apply with an LSAT score.