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Support Programs

Helping Engaged Students Succeed

Skill development and academic success are taken seriously at GUCL. Our support programs provide students with access to abundant resources throughout the four-year program, beginning with New Student Success Orientation and continuing through preparation for the Bar Exam.

New Student Success Orientation

GUCL has a required four-evening New Student Success Orientation, which meets twice a week for two weeks. The overall goal of these vital and interesting sessions is to help you succeed in law school in a supportive and encouraging way.

New Student Success Orientation provides a clear view of the educational philosophy of the four-year program and instructs new students on how to: comprehend the legal method, prepare for coursework, participate in class, read in law school, organize materials, prepare for tests, and take law school exams. The sessions are dynamic, experiential, and highly interactive. By the end of the orientation, you will be able to see a marked improvement in skills and understanding.

Legal Method & Examsmanship (LM&E)

LM&E teaches critical skills necessary to succeed in law and the practice of law, including: legal authorities, how to read cases and statutes, how to prepare for class, outlining for substantive law courses, how to prepare for exams, examsmanship, and basic legal problem-solving skills. Later, students learn more advanced legal problem-solving skills, electronic legal research and drafting of legal documents.

BARBRI Law Student Success Resources

GUCL has partnered with BARBRI, a specialist in educational advancement and professional skills development to help ensure our students' success in law school and on the Bar Exam.

Because of this partnership, law students at GUCL have the opportunity - at no cost - to access BARBRI's "Mastery Packages" during the first, second and third years of law school as their very own support system. Briefly, these packages include:

  • Study aids
  • Detailed Course Outlines
  • On-Demand Video Lectures
  • Multiple Choice, Essay Practice Questions
  • Exam Taking Strategies

GUCL students can also take a free Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) Review Course through BARBRI. The MPRE, typically taken during the second or third year of law school, is a complete study of professional ethics and is a requirement for admittance to practice law in California.

Bar Exam Preparation & BARBRI

A critical aspect of the fourth year is Bar preparation. Through nine months of instruction and practice (including Advanced Document Drafting), students prepare fully for the Bar Exam performance test. In addition, select Bar subjects are reviewed in the final quarter prior to graduation.

Seniors can also sign up for BARBRI Bar Review Course at a deep discount. Considered the "go-to" Bar Review course by the majority of law school students, BARBRI's proven, systematic preparation program with cutting-edge technology has become synonymous with Bar prep success across all 50 states. See more at: