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Cost of Attendance

A Top-Notch Educational Experience for an Exceptional Value

Glendale University College of Law is proud to have continually offered access to one of the most affordable, accredited law programs in Southern California.

Our hope is that by helping students control academic expenses, earning a Juris Doctor degree at GUCL will provide them with the freedom, opportunity, and empowerment to make career and life choices based on personal fulfillment rather than servicing debt.

GUCL is able to offer a financially accessible Juris Doctor degree program for several reasons:

  • GUCL is institutionally stable
  • GUCL has conscientious and fiscally-sound management
  • GUCL provides interest-free quarterly and monthly payment options
  • GUCL supports thoughtful and conservative student borrowing

The part-time JD program at GUCL is completely structured from beginning to end. To graduate, a total of 126 quarter units is earned over four years. The number of units a student takes varies throughout the law program. Tuition due will increase or decrease depending on the quarterly and yearly curriculum.

Estimated Annual Average* Cost of Attendance at GUCL:


Cost of Living

As a part-time program that supports a student’s ability to work full-time while attending, most GUCL students are self-supporting. Accordingly, cost of living (rent, gas, food, etc.) are excluded from the cost of attendance and from student loans.

GUCL is conscientious about the cost of textbooks

The primary tool law students rely on is a casebook. A casebook is required for each substantive law class (i.e. Contracts, Torts, Criminal Law). On average, casebooks cost about $250 each.

Each casebook is typically read from cover-to-cover and used for 2 - 3 quarters. Casebooks used for instruction at GUCL are written by nationally recognized scholars and adopted by major law schools throughout the U.S. A bonus value is that many casebooks include a license for access to a digital version and companion study aids. Supplementary texts may also be required for courses.

Preview Casebooks Here

Tuition and Fees

Effective fall 2021, tuition at Glendale University College of Law is $625 per quarter unit. (For purposes of comparison, $625 per quarter unit equals $938 per semester unit.)

Fees (Non-Refundable)

Quarterly Fees

Information and Technology$375.00
Payment Plan if applicable$55.00

Late Fees

Late Registration$75.00 + $25.00/day
Late Payment Plan$10.00/day

Miscellaneous Fees

Loan Cancellation$75.00
Status Letter$40.00