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Cost of Attendance

A Top-Notch Educational Experience for an Exceptional Value

Educational opportunity should create freedom, not debt. GUCL provides payment options to help students minimize or avoid debt.

The part-time evening law program at GUCL operates year-round on the quarter system and takes four years to complete. To graduate, students earn a total of 126 quarter units over the four years. Because the number of units a student will be enrolled in varies from quarter to quarter, and year to year, the estimated cost of attendance provided is based on averages.

Estimated Annual Average Cost of Attendance* at GUCL:


As a part-time program, most students hold jobs while attending school. Accordingly, cost of living expenses (rent, gas, food, etc.) are not part of the cost of attendance and are not included in estimating cost of attendance for students seeking loans.

GUCL is conscientious about the cost of textbooks. Only nationally recognized scholarship is used for instruction, and required casebooks are typically read from cover-to-cover over courses spanning 2 to 3 quarters in length. Many required casebooks now come with a license for access to a digital version as well.

* Cost estimate based on fall 19/20 rates; subject to change.

Tuition and Fees

Effective fall 2019, tuition at Glendale University College of Law is $595 per quarter unit. (For purposes of comparison, $595 per quarter unit equals $893 per semester unit.)

Fees (Non-Refundable)

Quarterly Fees

Information and Technology$375.00
Payment Plan if applicable$55.00

Late Fees

Late Registration$75.00 + $25.00/day
Late Payment Plan$10.00/day

Miscellaneous Fees

Loan Cancellation$75.00
Status Letter$40.00