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Payment Options

Choose from Several Payment Options

GUCL students never have to pay for a full year of tuition up front! Students have the option to make tuition payments quarterly, monthly (interest-free), or with a student loan.

Quarterly Payments

At registration, students paying quarterly make one payment in full to cover tuition and fees for the upcoming term.

EXAMPLE: 7qu x $625 = $4,375 + $420 fees = $4,795

Monthly Payments

With the GUCL Payment Plan, monthly, interest-free tuition payments can be arranged directly with the law school.

At registration, students pay quarterly fees, a $55 administrative fee for the payment plan, and the first one-third of their tuition. On the fifteenth of the next two months, the two remaining payments of one-third each are due. Fees are non-refundable.

EXAMPLE: 7qu x $625 = $4,375 + $420 fees + $55 payment plan fee = $4,850 / 3 payments = $1,616.67

CAVEAT: Calculations based on these formulas are approximate. Actual payment amounts will vary at registration, and will increase or decrease based on the number of units in the curriculum.

Student Loans

Over the years, Sallie Mae Law School Loans have been a tremendous resource for GUCL students seeking to responsibly finance their legal education. The Sallie Mae Law School Loan™ for graduate students offers qualified borrowers very competitive terms and conditions:

  • Competitive fixed or variable interest rates
  • No origination fee or prepayment penalty
  • Deferred repayment option
  • Multiple in-school repayment options
  • 9-month grace period after graduation
  • 15 years to repay loan
  • Various other features and benefits

Sallie Mae's website is user friendly and the loan application process is simple. It only takes about 15 minutes to apply online and get a credit result. Applying with a cosigner improves the chances for loan approval and may lower the interest rate whether you are "creditworthy" or have little credit history. For more information about applying with a cosigner, visit

Compare The Law School Loan vs the Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loans* here.

*Please note that GUCL does not participate in federal student aid programs.

The Sallie Mae Parent Loan™

The Sallie Mae Parent Loan™ is an option that allows a creditworthy parent or other individual (i.e. grandparent, aunt, uncle, spouse, etc…) to take out a loan in their own name as opposed to cosigning a student’s loan. It’s an alternative way to help fund the education of a student that is special to them, as well as relieve the student of the financial responsibility of a loan. Visit Sallie Mae Parent Loans for details.

The Sallie Mae Bar Study Loan™

The Sallie Mae Bar Study Loan™ is an alternative source for funds to help navigate costs associated with sitting for the CA Bar Exam. Registration fees, bar review courses, and cost of living for time off of work can really add up. The Sallie Mae Bar Study Loan™ can range from $1k - $15k. Funds are sent directly to the student and there is an option to make lower, interest only payments during early repayment.

In-School Loan Deferrals

GUCL will complete In-School Deferment Request forms provided by enrolled students with existing loans from undergraduate or graduate school programs. Deferments are certified for one academic year at a time. Students are responsible for submitting the certified forms to the lender. GUCL cannot guarantee acceptance by the lender of the request for deferment.

Refund Policy