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Admissions Counseling

Support Begins Before You Even Apply

If someone wants to go to part-time law school, our goal is to try to help them make it happen. Prospective students calling Glendale University College of Law for the first time often realize they have found an amazing opportunity...maybe the opportunity of a lifetime.

We take pride in offering unparalleled, non-adversarial academic counseling. Honesty and accuracy are paramount. Encouragement is abundant. Part of that process is troubleshooting; when a potential obstacle to success is perceived, we address it.

Prospective students who receive admissions counseling from Glendale will also be advised of the totality of their options in legal education; we want anyone interested in part-time law school to be a well-informed consumer of legal education.

Many people are surprised by the fact that we are happy to suggest alternatives to Glendale. Selecting from the top law schools in Southern California is a major decision and not every school is a good fit for every applicant.

Helping people understand their options creates the foundation for a more successful part-time law school experience, wherever it may be.

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